A big spoiler?

Lets make it clear: You wont be reading huge spoilers here at HelloSidney.com. Some minor spoilers were revealed during the course of the site, but you were warned about in the title, or in the subheading. Minor spoilers, that were already shown in trailers, or told by Wes Craven himself or some actors. Nothing that would harm your Scream 4 experience.

Come on… If a blonde chick gets killed in a horror movie, it is routine, right?

As the opening date approaches, there will be lots of "revelations" floating the web. Most of them will be nothing but teenage inventions, Salva G. made up or stolen news, jokes, fan theories and etc. Believe me… This is the third time around that I´m doing this job.

I just woke up to find a tweet of a friend with the words "wow" and "spoiler" in it. As we are talking about  a very serious source, I had to take a deep breath and control myself not to search. And I´ve failed my task.

Not a big fan of spoilers, but since it aired during a well known TV Talk show, I had to. Occupational hazard as I keep saying to myself…

If you already read it, or seen it, here are some facts that you should know: 1) Everyone who auditioned for a role in Scream 4 signed a term that prohibited this person of discuss certain aspects of the movie with the press for a while. 2) The sides used for auditioning didn´t contain such kind of information as the killer identity. 3) EVERY person who auditioned for a role in the movie HAD to read a scene of the first Scream playing the role of Billy Loomis. Didn´t matter if this person was male or female or the part. It was the same for all. 

It happens that a guest on that TV show claimed to have auditioned for the role of the killer. I won´t be posting the so called spoiler here because I don´t want to put out the fire with gasoline, but that was nothing but a joke.

Well, what about we make some anti-spoiler rules? How do you do to prevent yourself to read spoilers? Share your formula with us.

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