Bloody Disgusting visited the SCREAM 4 exhibition at Hyaena Gallery (Burbank, CA) and interviewed the assistant prop master Skip Crank, who pushed our curiosity even more. “We got a little bloodier on this one, a little bit more intense“.

Everyone wanted to be in it. There were people calling saying, ‘I wanna do this’…of course, everyone wanted Matt Lillard back in there, and Jamie Kennedy, and how can we get this person to come back? There are a lot of people in the film that show up that nobody knows about. It’ll be a big surprise.

There are a lot of pictures out there that have people speculating…and that’s exactly what we intended to do. So you think you know what’s gonna happen, but you’re wrong.

The makeup artist Gary Tunnicliffe also gave lots of details about working with so much fake blood. “Every time I walked on set, the camera crew would go, ‘oh, no’! All [of them] would look down and see what shoes they were wearing that day. (…) And Wes was like, ‘You pussies! It’s a horror film!’

I know for a fact that one thing the MPAA always really hates is prolonged suffering. And there’s a couple of [kills in the movie]…that [are] like a five minute death scene. They go on forever, and ever, and ever.

Later he showed some production photos of the set to the reporter that made a description of it. “In one photo I could clearly glimpse a man’s legs dangling from the living room ceiling; another depicted the body of one of the film’s young female characters splayed out grotesquely in her bed, in a visual that eerily reminded me of a real-life crime scene photograph”.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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