Don´t ask, don´t tell…

Britt Robertson, the beautiful starlet of Life Unexpected was recently talking with Nylon Magazine. When asked about her part in Scream 4 – as we can expect – she couldn´t reveal nothing, bla, bla, bla… Except, she did…

Can you tell us anything about Scream Four? No, I was like sworn to secrecy.  They said, "You can tell them who's in it, who you have scenes with and that's it."

Well by all means, share.  So I have scenes with Aimee Teegarden, from Friday Night Lights?  I love her; she's super fun and super swert.  And I have a brief encounter with Adam Brody and David Arquette-  but I mean, very brief.

That sounds like a dangerous combination. Oh yeah, they're total chaos on set together.

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