Caution! Crime scene ahead…

Many fans were surprised when the photo below reached the web earlier today. Enraged, many of us began to wonder: how the hell someone officially releases a picture like that? Promotion and polemics. Believe me – nothing is done by chance in Hollywood.

Click the image to expand, at your own risk.

Okay, the victim is easily identifiable, but the picture comes to prove that Wes Craven was speaking the truth when he said that this is the movie with the highest mortality rate of the saga.

For most fans the classic type of photos with the frightened faces were enough, but today (with films like Saw and Hostel), there are needs to be a little more explicit. That or to sink at the box office. Oh, well…

This is the crime scene that was described some months ago during the Scream 4 Art Exhibition in Burbank.

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