It has been a busy week for Wes Craven. Some actors and director call those promotion time of "slaughterhouse", because it is when they get dissected by the media and it is very exhausting.

Can you imagine to answer the same question for like… Two hundred times? Well, part of the job, and Wes did it amazingly. True filmmaking seminar. Here are a collection of interviews that he did lately about "My Soul To Take" – and some lucky journalists even got "Scream 4" tidbits: 

NY PIX Morning News  Highlights: The TV interview with Tamsen Fadal and the wrapping post of "Scream 4".

Arrow in the Head Highlight: Wes talks about the concept of the movie,  the filming, post production and the original title – and it wasn´t "25/8" as we thought it was! We´re also reminded of "Nightmare on Elm Street" by references. Then, he was questioned if "Scream 4" could go 3D:

"Well it's a totally different studio, I don't know what their plans are. Way back I had a conversation with Bob Weinstein about it and he said, "Never, we'll never do 3D!" I would bet that he's going through a similar process that I went through, where you suddenly realize that this is coming down the road big time, it's not going away, and you'd better be smart about it, at least weigh your options before you say no". 

Regarding the status of the movie right now, he said:

"It's been so recent. My wife and I went up to Massachusetts for a week and I arrived here yesterday, we'll do press for a week and then, right after this film opens, we'll be starting post-production."

FangoriaHighlights: The dark side of suburbia, the various references to his previous works (intentional or unintentional) and some deals with de devil. Pretty interesting interview.

"I really feel like in some ways, "My Soul To Take" is so different from anything I’ve seen. It’s not ripe for deconstruction yet, but I do feel like the ironic-deconstruction business has been done now too. I mean, "Scream 4" has its own approach to that. It does take into account that it has been done, and asks the question of, what’s coming next?"

Cinema BlendHighlights: A video interview where he talks about the writing and the control that you could have, cinematically speaking, when you do. A funny moment is when he tells where he had the idea for "My Soul To Take". 

LA TimesHighlights: Technical aspects of 3D, its joys and why he never saw the remake of "Nightmare on Elm Street".

"It was old-home week, in a sense, to work again with Kevin and Neve [Campbell] and Courteney [Cox] and David [Arquette]. It was the thought of having a good time and making an interesting movie and continuing that kind of storyline. It’s pretty unusual for there to be a series of films to have the same core actors for that many years; it’s been 16 years of following the lives of these characters. Usually in genre, they knock them off, and the next sequel it’s somebody new. This one has had the interesting thing of introducing new people and keeping with the old ones as well".

Shock Till You DropHighlights: Another video interview where they discuss the religious aspects of the movie and finding new ways to kill people on screen.

Fear Net Highlights: The Ripper, Bug, remakes and why he isn´t going to be working with 3D anytime soon.

I Am RogueHighlights: Interview made without the rush of the press junkets, about his life and career.

Trailer AddictHighlights: The junket video interview in two parts. The second is here.

Indy Mogul Highlights: Another junket video interview where Wes talks about bullying, 3D, and discovering new actors. Also present: Emily Meade and Max Thieriot.

Movie FoneHighlights: Great video interview by Jenna Busch with some exclusive clips and behind the scene footage from "My Soul To Take".

Jake, The Movie Guy – Junket video interview with Jake Hamilton.

Production featurettes

Video – Wes Craven talks "My Soul To Take".

Video – Wes´ wife, Iya Labunka – the producer of "MSTT" and "Scream 4".

The premiere!

Video – Wes on "My Soul To Take" in the red carpet to Rogue.

Video – Interviews with Neve Campbell. Wes Craven, Paulina Olszinski and  Danai Gurira at the red carpet.

Video – Some publicity stunt, or fan joke… Dunno which! A guy gets "stabbed" right in front of Wes and the cast of "My Soul to Take".

Photos – Emma Roberts at the movie premiere.

Photos – Lots of pictures taken in the red carpet.

Video – Wes presents the movie to the audience. This is an amazing video because it takes us inside the movie theater.

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