“Scream 4” begins a new trilogy?

During the press junkets for the promotion of "My Soul To Take", Wes Craven was avoiding to answer questions about "Scream 4". Rogue´s policy. Understandable. Every movie need its own spotlight.

But the sneaky guys from Blood Disgusting got two quotes:

B-D: I have to ask about ‘Scream 4', because there's such a hunger out there for this movie. Are you definitely envisioning this as the start of a second trilogy of sorts? How likely is it that it will continue on past ‘Scream 4'?
Our basic policy on this press tour is not to talk about ‘Scream 4', since it's not the film we're promoting. But I'll just answer that question and no more. But yes, the concept is to do the first of a new trilogy, and you know, you have three characters from the original trilogy coming back, and then you have a cast of young new characters.

B-D: Beyond that, do you have another project in mind already?
Well, we just wrapped ‘Scream 4' so we have all of that post-production to do, so that's gonna take us the rest of the year. So that will be what I'm up to. And then who knows? I certainly hope to take a break after that, I've been working for a long time between these two films. So I don't have any distinct plans for the future. Many people are talking to me about television, and this and that, but right now nothing is definite. I've been totally submerged in these two films.

Later, in a MTV interview, Craven said more:

"It is or was a planned trilogy. I think the studio is realistic enough to say, let's see how it does. But Kevin Williamson [the series creator and screenwriter] does have an idea for a planned trilogy out of it."

"The studio wants to be very, very secretive about it," Craven admitted. "I think it's kind of known that Neve is returning to her hometown for a short visit, and all hell breaks loose. But there's also a whole cast of new characters — there's some very, very interesting kids."

Check out the video:

Thanks to Scream-Trilogy for the tip!

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