Closeted “Scream” fan

We already knew that Alison Brie was a major "Scream" fan. She even did an amateur remake of the movie with her friends, while she was an unknown actress. But in the set of Scream 4, she had to keep herself from geeking out.

During the "Scream Awards", she was interviewed by IGN, talked more about her character and how Rebecca resembles to Gale Weathers.

IGN: What can you say about your character in Scream 4? I know these movies are pretty top secret…
Brie: It is top secret! And my boss is standing right there! I play Rebecca. She works for Sidney Prescott and she's a little go-getter. She really admires Gale Weathers, I'll put it that way. She kind of has a little bit of Gale in her, I think. She'll really do anything to get ahead.

IGN: We talked before about what a huge fan you were of these movies. You told me that you were sort of a go-to on the set, as far as what happened in what Scream movie, right?
Brie: Which movie [something was from], it's true. But I tried to keep it under wraps. That was the problem. I wouldn't just come out and be like, "Bring all your Scream questions to me!" I would just sort of overhear people talk about it and I might lean in and be like, "Oh, that was in Scream 2!" "Oh, that was in 3. It was definitely 3!" I didn't want them to freak out too much and be like, "Why are you obsessed with us?" That's embarrassing!

IGN: I know when I heard you were cast in the film, I thought, "You know, it would be really cool if she were the killer." I'm obviously not going to ask you who the killer is, but when you were offered the role, did you think, "I wonder if I get to kill people!?"
Brie: Absolutely! Absolutely. That thought crossed my mind and I was excited by that prospect. We'll have to see the movie to see!

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