“My Soul To Take” poster released

Important message: Wes Craven tweeted a new date for this movie: October 8.

Shock Till You Drop just gave us an exclusive look at the poster from Wes Craven´s next movie:

"Wes Craven's My Soul to Take  is still on track for an October 29 release. One-sheets hit the country this week and you'll most likely see the poster hanging in theater lobbies on your next trip to the movies. Rogue and Universal are handling the release and we have to wonder why they're so quiet about it. One would figure the poster debut would get a more proper send off to the public. Instead, our astute reader "Joey" found it on eBay. And, as you can see, it confirms our earlier report that the film is indeed coming in 3D.
Expect a trailer soon."

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