Remembering the old times

Neve Campbell and Matthew Lillard used to date during the filming of "Scream" and "Scream 2". Nowdays, they´re close friends. The ex-couple reunited to have some dinner last thursday. Jen Eyer has the details:

Patrons of eve the restaurant on Thursday evening may have noticed a couple of famous faces in the corner of the room.

Actors Neve Campbell and Matthew Lillard, in town to film "Scream 4", shared a quiet dinner together, said Ann Arbor resident Lori Milliman, who was also there that evening.

"We tried to take pics, but she covered her face two times, and then we decided to leave her alone for the rest of the evening," Milliman wrote in an email. "As she was leaving the restaurant, my friend caught her attention and we asked if we could snap a picture. She obliged. I honestly think she was surprised we didn't jump up and get in it with her!"

16.08. Update: Matthew is in Michigan to film "Home Run Showdown", not "Scream 4", as some of the fans assumed. Kevin Williamson already told us that bringing characters back from the dead is tacky. But we never know if a cameo, like the one he did for "Scream 2", could happen.

Sources:, Scream4Fan Twitter, Matthew Lillard Online.

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