The “R” word

Rewrite was the operative word this week. Every time we were talking about Scream related issues, it came up. It was present when we commented on the reshoots or ghostly on the corner when Kevin Williamson spoke about the motives to resurrect our favorite movie on a sequel.

Emma Roberts offers a new perspective on this matter to wash away our fears – afterall, in a common sense, this scary word means trouble:

"There were a lot of rewrites, but I think just to keep it fresh because new ideas kept coming. And seeing everyone together when you have such a big cast — it changes things when you get everyone in the room. There were changes, but they were all for the best and all positive changes."

The actress also told about her research for the role and her expectations for the movie:

"I watched all of them before I started the movie and I was terrified. So this one, I saw the trailer and I was scared. I'm very curious to see it done because the trailer freaked me out and I was there. I can't imagine what the movie will be like."

Well, we know: In Craven we trust.

Source: Toronto Sun

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