Love to hate you

Discovered last summer by Joel Schumacher, during the casting of the gossip-girlish movie Twelve, Nico Tortorella is the major shot to bring young women to the theaters when Scream 4 open in April. This week, two interviews featuring him had hit the newspaper stand in UK.

 “He is an asshole, off the bat. Again playing the asshole! But once you see him one-on-one he’s got a big heart. He’s most like the Skeet (Ulrich) character from the first Scream”, he says to Total Film UK (March, 2011).

For the January/February edition of Noir, Tortorella spoke much more about the whole filming process.

You play the male lead opposite Emma Roberts in Scream 4, how did you feel when you found out you´d bagged such a major role?
When I got the call telling me I was officially part of Scream 4 there was screaming, crying and a lot of swearing. I mean what can I say, it was unf**kingbeliavable!

What was the scariest part of the audition process?
The waiting game hands down! I´ve always been a very comfortable auditioner, but after five times in the room, from LA to NY, to Wes Craven and the Weinsteins, the waiting was by far the scariest part. At one point they actually told me I was too tall for the role, but somehow I got back in the room for another chance.

What can you tell us about your character, Trevor Sheldon?
Trevor is the guy everybody loves to hate. In the grand scheme of things, he´s just an asshole, but deep down he truly has a big heart and a lot of love.

Scream 4 has a pretty awesome cast, were you nervous when you started filming? How did you get all on?
It was one of the best summers of my life! It was like walking into a family who accepted the younger crew with open arms. Yeah I was nervous, but we had a blast filming this movie. I had worked with Emma and Rory the previous summer on Joel Schumacher´s Twelve, so it was nice getting that family back together.

What was Wes Craven like to work with as a director?
He´s a genius. He has this insane vocabulary that blows your mind, but at the same time he´s a little kid who loves making horror movies!

Are you a horror/slasher movie fan?
Not really! I prefer the more psychological thrillers than full-blown slashers, but after working on this movie, I definitely have a newfound respect for the genre.


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