“Scream 4” cameos theories – who is who?

We are living in a time where to hide some details from the future audience – specially when we are talking about a "Scream" movie – is almost impossible. Even who followed day-by-day the covering of the sets of "Scream 4", and now watched the trailer, realized that couldn´t figure all out. That´s very special.

That´s masterly, I would say.  Mostly because of the lots of external sequences that were accompanied by the eagle-eyed BananaDoc.

"Scream 2" was the major factor to cause all the secrecy. Back in 1997, the script leaked on the internet causing major rewrites. For example – the original killers where Hallie, Derek and Mrs. Loomis. 

In "Scream 3" they were much more careful. The actors received their scripts almost in the time when they were about to shoot. And  most of it was filmed in studio.  

But now, we are totally clueless about some of the cast – and that´s when lots of theories begin to float.

Meaning: the fun part, part 2!

For instance – there are three sets of girls and three different roles that duos will probably play: The traditional Drew-ish opening sequence, maybe a "Stab" scene on DVD, and probably a middle-of-the-movie-killed-couple-of-friends.

The bluish and the pinkish: Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell

Lucy Hale  and Shenae Grimes

The horrified Brittany Robertson that plays her scene along with Aimee Teegarden.

Cast your votes! Which is which?

Just in time: Shenae Grimes spoke with TV Guide this week, but, as expected, didn´t delivered too much about "Scream 4":

I did film it. I can say absolutely nothing. I wish I could because it’s so good. It’s just a cameo I did with Lucy Hale. I grew up on the Scream films, and Neve Campbell is a fellow Canadian so I really looked up to her. It was pretty wild to have things come full circle like that.

And the sweet Lucy Hale, who constantly talks with her fans through webcasts, told last night that she and Shenae where cast in the last minute.

That reminds us the final week of shooting of "Scream 3", when Wes Craven revealed that he was about to wrap the filming after direct Kelly Rutherford. But that is only "my" theory.

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