The Godfather of Ghost Face®

It´s undeniable. To be the license and marketing director of Fun World – the manufacturer of the Ghost Face masks – gives you some privileges. What if you had a job where you can play with the imagination of people, idealize fantasies and plus, as a result of it, to be in contact with great minds such as Wes Craven?

The latest Fun World masks in theaters: the ape from "30 Minutes or Less" and the skull from "The Town"

That´s a routine for R.J. Torbert.

Since the beginning of  the production of "Scream 4" he has been very accessible to the Scream Community – always giving us tidbits about the movie, his work and sometimes promoting contests with the coolest prizes. He is a constant #FF from us of @hello_sidney on the twitterverse.

But we were talking about privileges, right?

About 3 hours ago, he tweeted:

"Have script for everything Ghost Face says in 'Scream 4', sorry cant share it with anyone, but thought you might foam at the mouth for a bit"

This is probably the ultimate consume dream of every Scream fan out there – and here we are crazy jealous. I wander if Ghost Face says the sentence that gives our site a name.

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