If you're obsessed with Scream, you should know a few things about how Kevin Williamson got inspired to write a classic. It appears that he's about to bring the same formula to TV, as he recently told to Collider

How did your Fox pilot come about? What made you want to do a show about a serial killer?

Williamson: I’ve been wanting to do that for 15 years. Ever since the first Scream movie, I’ve wanted to do this show.

What the premise of the show?

Williamson: It’s about a serial killer who escapes from prison. He was a college professor, and he killed all of these girls on a college campus, a la The Gainesville Murders, which was the impetus for Scream 1. He escapes from prison, and you realize that he had internet access, the whole last four years of prison, and he made a few friends while he was there. He escapes and you suddenly realize that there’s a cult of killers out there, who have been working with him and helping him kill. It’s like 24, but instead of terrorists, it’s serial killers. You’ll be routing for the FBI agent who is going to bring him down. It’s very emotional. It’s this huge, big, hybrid show like The Vampire Diaries, where it relies on the twists and turns, and the tears, where you just get so invested in the characters and you’re like, “No, not that one,” and then they die. It’s one of those shows.

Do you have a cast in place yet?

Williamson: No, not yet. It just got picked up. I’m very excited, but now I’ve got to make the show.

It's just me or anyone else thinks that should be the premise of Scream 5?

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