A great thing about being a Scream fan is to imagine different and possible versions of what the movie could have become and to compare it with the released film. Here are some plot twists and ideas that were dropped as the movie evolved.

Motives to come back to Woodsboro:  A January issue of EW brought a note that said that Sidney Prescott had developed a new phobia (a Woodsboro phobia?) and the only reason for she to step into the town again was because of Neil Prescott´s funeral. The casting sides also gives another version for the comeback – she is visiting Neil because of the anniversary of Maureen´s death.

Weathers-Riley Jr: Craven revealed that Dewey and Gale were even more domestic: “They had a kid in the first couple of drafts. Then we just decided that was gonna make things impossible shooting and there really wasn’t a thing for the kid to be doing. Courteney was always showing up at crime scenes with a baby. This is not gonna work!

The Massacre Week: Woodsboro creepiness was much more leveled up on the first versions of the script. We´re really sorry that it didn´t made into the final version, since we´ve dreamt about that Remembrance Week Memorial that showed up in the first photos of the production.

Sidney, the opening victim: Sidney would be attacked by Ghostface and believed to be dead. “Then there was a two-year gap while she recovered,” explains Craven. “Bob [Weinstein] felt that would kind of slow the pace of the story and thought it would maybe be better to go with young characters.

On the casting sides, but not in the movie

Casting sides are early script parts used by the actors for auditions. Here are some parts that were changed.

Bette, Sidney´s personal assistant: the casting sides of Scream 4 had a character that was completely rewrote into another. Before there was a Rebecca Walters – impersonated by the great Alison Brie – there was Bette, that didn´t care for Gale Weathers so much, as we´ve seen on the movie. She was described as "Sid´s whipper snapper assistant", "She´s fresh out of colled, Type-A", and striving to impress at all times".

Jill and Trevor relationship: The movie showed us a different development of this couple. They originally would be in the first stages of flirting, as the casting sides show. Jill is very suspicious about Trevor racing moves into her. There was a cute movie-seduction-talk were Trevor tells that discovered on Jill´s Facebook that her favorite movie was The Way We Were. Also, there was another character in the mix, a guy named Jarod, maybe a deceased affair of Jill, whose body was found on a very bizarre car accident after a discussion with the new couple exactly a year ago.

More investigation: Like in Scream, the students of Woodsboro High were interrogated after the killings. One of them was Charlie, that explains to Dewey that he is much more of a Randy than a Billy Loomis.

More movie references: The Wicker Man, Friday The 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and other classic references disappeared.

Much more pop culture talks: The View, Lady Gaga, Avril Lavigne, iPhone apps. Great jokes that were washed out of the final version of the script. Copyright issues?

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