EW published a preview of it´s cover article and gave us a little taste on what they call "The bloody battle over Scream 4". It was nothing that we couldn´t imagine before, because it has always been an issue: the differences between production and the creative team.

What makes this so tasty is Kevin Williamson commenting on it, for the first time…

Everyone was second-guessing everything, because everyone wanted it to be so perfect,” Williamson recalls. His arguments with Weinstein intensified over the months and ultimately came to a head. “Oh, I got in a big fight with Bob,” says Williamson. “We got into a massive fight creatively, and we hugged it out and then we moved on.” Weinstein, however, claims that the bitter disagreements had to do with looming deadlines. “It was a time crunch,” he says. “I think the only real fight was not creative, but, ‘We gotta get this goin’! It’s a train. It’s moving.’ From my point of view, that was our only source of tension.” (He and Williamson have not spoken since. At the time he was interviewed, Williamson still had not seen the finished film. But both men insist there’s no bad blood between them.)

This special edition of Entertainment Weekly hits the newspaper stands Friday. And if you like their Facebook page, you can have access to a photoshoot video on their fans only section.

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