Every single actor and actress who has auditioned for a part on Scream 4 had a task – to reinterpret the infamous scene where Billy Loomis reveals himself as a murderer to Sidney. Everyone had to prove that can have a secret… With that in mind, you can understand why a single comment could be so misunderstood earlier.

On the tornado eye, 22 year old actor Nico Tortorella, who revealed this detail about his test and made some fans angry, with a possible spoiler.  But there was no spoiler there…

I actually hadn’t seen any of the first three movies until after a few of my auditions so the first audition was the Billy Loomis scene in the end of the first movie when he goes nuts and starts killing everybody,” the actor explains. “So I had no idea what was going on. I went in with my whole own interpretation of what was actually happening, which apparently worked in one way or another.

I don’t know if I necessarily had to play Billy Loomis, but they wanted to see all the guys [auditioning] interpret that scene and take it on to see how far they could really go,” he says.

I knew what he had established and I knew what I was walking into,” he says of Ulrich. “But Trevor’s a totally different person and 10 years later I think that everybody is a different person. I just kind of had to make it on my own. Script-wise there’s definitely the parallels, but I had to keep it fresh in one way or another.

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