Fantastic new faces

In January, Scream fans will get served. “There is more going on, than Scream 4. I can’t tell you what else just yet, but know this, there is more going on”, teases R.J. Torbert, the licensor director of Fun World.  

In anticipation of the fourth installment of the franchise – which opens in April -, Fun World has prepared many surprises for fans of the most famous mask on the planet.

The event Halloween and Party Expo will bring the greatest Halloween companies of the world to one roof – including, of course, the owner of Ghost Face. Unfortunately, the fair will be opened only to business buyers – not general public.

Fun World will have the largest square foot booth at the show, and I'm responsible for the design, set up and operation of the booth. I have the most incredible team of associates that will help make the design come to life in a short period of time to be ready for the show”, says Torbert.

The booth, when completed, will make Ghost Face / Scream fans proud for there will be a special promotion at the show for Scream 4 coming out.” Tons of new merchandise for collectors and enthusiasts  will be introduced there, and will be your eyes.

We asked for a tidbit and Torbert gave us this: "We’ve a new bobble head version approved. There is a new style Ghost Face coming out, that only a few accounts will have for next year. It hasn't been released yet for public. But I can tell you we have a new sexy Ghost Face costume coming out for women. I will release a photo in about 5 weeks."

What: Halloween and Party Expo.

Where: Houston, Texas.

When: From January 22 to 25 (2011).

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