The first official photo of SCREAM 4

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Our first official pic is on, and it came from Entertainment Weekly. Some people take that one that Craven posted of Ghost Face for official, when it was in fact, a production photo. For a bigger look, buy the latest issue of EW!

Courteney Cox Screams Again

When Scream 4 opens April 15, 10 years have passed. Cox’s character, Gale Weathers, is now married to Dewey (Cox’s real-life husband, David Arquette). ”I kind of gave up my job as the entertainment journalist,” says Cox. ”I’m bored with my life and my marriage.” Bringing a little excitement to town is Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell). Her return leads to more Ghostface murders, which reenergize Gale. Says Cox, ”Things start happening, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.” —Tim Stack

Photo by: Gemma La Mana

Update (21:43): Our friend @jonmguerra also posted a bigger version of it on his his twitpic.

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