A Fun World, indeed

2011 will be a great year to Scream fans who also are merchandise collectors. Previously we’ve announced that during the Halloween Costume Expo in Houston, several new GhostFace©/Scream 4 products will be introduced by Fun World. This includes a female version costume to wear Ghostface, and exclusive collector’s items made specifically for the show, like a tie that John Valeri from SFE will exclusively reveal pretty soon.

Meanwhile, R.J. Torbert – who in this Thanksgiving didn’t have any turkey, only lobsters – is hard working in China, accompanying the development of special projects for Ghost Face, the new Fun World goods for next year as well as creating and writing for Easter/Valentine to 2012. He was also asked to be on the second documentary, but because of scheduling conflicts, it appears he’s not going to make it.

Last night in our chat, live from Hong Kong, he revealed the existence of a new official Scream 4 goodie:  an official polo shirt containing GhostFace© and the logo of the movie.

As many of this merchandising that will be arriving – A few of them directly linked and worked with The Weinstein Company. Only 200 shirts will be made and given out to certain buyers, TWC executives, Wes Craven and Fun World staff. Five will be given away on Torbert’s twitter, courtesy of Fun World. To be the lucky owner of one of those, you’ve to be following his tweets. The winners will be picked randomly.  But here is the catch: Those who ask for the shirt on twitter are automatically out of the run for the prize. This is one of the rules, since only five will be given way.

Don’t mess with The Godfather

Since June of 1999, the GhostFace© name and image have been linked as one as protected trademarks of Fun World. But, being iconic as it is, some people and companies aren’t quite aware of this. That’s where R.J. Torbert (a.k.a. GameFaceGuy, a.k.a. The Godfather of GhostFace©, a.k.a. The licensor director of Fun World) enters.

Recently an advertising agency was caught improperly using the image of the mask in their campaign seen on websites around the world for one of the largest fast food chains in the world, Burger King.

As Ghostface.co.uk reported a few weeks ago, a verbal settlement was reached. However, it’s now official; Burger King and Fun World have now a deal and the settlement is closed with Torbert signing off on the papers.

Torbert wrote on our Scream Chat Roll: "This proves Fun World will be very aggressive toward any company if they are using our property in an unauthorized fashion". This also means you never know what will be revealed on our chat room!

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