Screenwriter Guy Busick, who penned Ready Or Not, some of the episodes of the second season of Castle Rock and the upcoming chapter of SCREAM, participated in the most recent episode of the podcast Brentfast, with Brent Pope.

This fantastic listening is an amazing opportunity for aspiring writers and actors who are pursuing their dreams and want either an interesting inside view of the industry, need a word of encouragement or even a few cool pointers. But, of course, there’s also a little bit of new info on SCREAM 5 and jiffy pop popcorn as well…

It was a wonderful experience. Got to work with one of my writing idols, Kevin Williamson, who is kind of the godfather of this whole thing and I think it turned out fantastic

This and some other recent quotes reveal a more involved Williamson in this project – which each day gets more and more exciting. He also described the writing process with James Vanderbilt:

When we’re breaking the script, when we were kind of beating it out, we would be in the same room. And sometimes we would improvise dialogue, action, stuff like that, and this was the more collaborative part. And, just for efficiency, after we had a really robust outline we would split up scenes. And so I would take this section, this ten pages and he would take this, and we would swap, do a pass on each other stuff. And by the end of it, it feels like one person wrote it. Feels very consistent. We have similar voices, I think, as writers, and sensibilities. And so, it was a good fit“.

Busick is soon reteaming with Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett and Chad Villella for a monster movie called REUNION, and will soon be announcing some new exciting projects on his twitter account – be sure to follow.

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