How would you make it different?

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Wes Craven did a Twitter Q&A yesterday, answering various questions about his career. Scream had a very special place, since lots of the fan questions were about it. A curious quote was this:

"Quentin Tarantino told me we should have killed everyone and let Jill get away with it in @Scream4. Bob Weinstein wouldn't have it˜

Controversial, right? Craven and Tarantino… That would be a conversation that I could kill to listen. Two of the directors I love the most exchanging some movie ideas. 

They're great, original and creative Hollywood minds who have explored very deeply the violent mind and visited some really scary places. They've referenced or influenced each other with their works and some of those were produced by Bob Weinstein – who was cited again during the Q&A:

"Scream 5 is in the hands of Bob Weinstein 🙂 Drop him a line and ask him what the deal is"

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