Innocent questions

Hayden is promoting her new movie Amanda Knox: Muder on Trial in Italy. OTRC (OnTheRedCarpet) hasn´t missed the opportunity to ask about Scream 4, and the actress has described her experience selecting scripts. Hayden is ready. Questions from reporters and journalists aren´t as dangerous as Ghostface. No word on "the remake of the ground-breaking."

"It's an honor. It really is. Having spent four years on a show where it's in the sci-fi sort of family, you tend to get a lot of scripts having to do with horror films and thrillers. And it's something I wanted to be very careful about which one I chose to do.

When 'Scream' came along and having the original cast involved and having Wes Craven direct it, it just seemed like an amazing project that I just wanted to be involved it..

I haven't seen it yet, I haven't. But I´ve heard it's amazing."

Source: OTRC
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