Jack Quaid definitely screams in SCREAM 5


If it depends on Jack Quaid‘s excitement every time he talks about SCREAM 5, the movie seems to be incredible. Actually everyone involved gives the same impression.

So, in times where the news is slow, and the SCREAM 5 trailer (or just a pic, please) is taking forever to drop, every mention counts. And that’s why every interview with The Boys star (and internet boyfriend) is fun to watch.

Yesterday, on Comedy Central‘s Crazy Stir the actor talked about how every project he is involved in ends up with him covered in blood and SCREAM‘s cute nickname – he actually composed a song about it.

On-set we called it Five Cream. Because we thought if you looked at it spelled out, the S is a 5, we called it Five Cream, we still call it Five Cream. The joke never stopped to the point where I had my friend make this t-shirt as a wrap gift, it’s Ghost Face holding up five creams. I’m gonna keep that forever.

Later, they’ve talked about the process of screaming in a film, to which Jack told:

It’s an interesting thing, the horror movie scream. You can’t rehearse it too much, it just has to come out of you.

And that’s how you get spontaneity.

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