How Jenna Ortega was cast in SCREAM 5

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Jenna Ortega is now promoting her new Netflix fick, Yes Day, a family comedy where she and her siblings can demand anything from her parents and those are prohibited from denying. Far away from that cute and ingenuous atmosphere, she is now filming Ti West‘s X, another horror project, and talked a little bit about it and SCREAM 5.

I remember I auditioned for SCREAM in the very beginning of quarantine. Like back in March and I auditioned for a different character that I ended up working as, but I auditioned for that and I didn’t hear anything for months and months and months. And I didn’t think I got it, which I wasn’t surprised because I don’t know if you noticed, I feel like it’s pretty obvious that oftentimes when teenagers are cast in projects they’re like 30 years old. So I just figured ‘Oh, they’re going to cast people that are older and that’s just going to be it’, and they did cast people that are older. I don’t know how I stepped into the mix, but I did. So I was very, very lucky for that and they called me back a few months later before I knew it, weeks later I was flying out to North Carolina to shoot.

Jenna actually turned 18 years old while filming SCREAM. The future scream queen – or the scream queen from the future – also talked about working with the hottest horror directors in town:

When I was shooting SCREAM I got the tape for Ti West‘s project and see, it is outrageous”, she recalls “Ti and the SCREAM directors Matt (Bettinelli-Olpin) and Tyler (Gillett) just so happen to be friends, so I was on set with Matt and Tyler when I found out I booked the project so they were like ‘What? You’re working with Ti?’ That’s so crazy. So I don’t know how I ended up working with these upcoming horror directors back to back

I’m very very lucky because horror has got to be the most fun projects to work on because you’re there purely for entertainment. Everybody is there to have a good time and if you’re working in horror there’s a good chance you’re a fan of horror, so we’re all just excited“.

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