This article may contain minor SCREAM 5 spoilers.

This week, Google brought a brand new information to those who looked at their SCREAM 5 board: Duane Martin – who was Joel, SCREAM 2‘s shaky cameraman – was listed as a cast member.

At first I didn’t take that with a grain of salt: just like IMDB, people can edit that page at their liking and Joel was the one who fled when things got bad at Windsor College. So, development-wise it made no sense for him to EVER step foot in Woodsboro.

But, for someone who has been watching every movie and TV show written by Guy Busick and James Vanderbilt, they could make this work smoothly and on top of that, the plot thickens: Duane Martin publishes a SCREAM 2 #tbt photo on April 1st and teases SCREAM 5 (not SCREAM, as it officially is called):

Is it an April Fools’ joke?

And then, director Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, who could be having a good laugh at the fans’ expense, followed him on Instagram.

So, I’ve channelled my inner Gale Weathers and did what every responsible site does before vomiting rumors that will confuse and mislead fans: I’ve tried to fact check with my sources.

My oracle came with the following answer “Nobody thinks Duane is back, but we’re not sure. There are definitely weird rumors about reshoots and filming outside North Carolina, that didn’t involve the Wilmington crew. So, I could see it happening: a good cameo from each past movie“.

I got dizzy. It was like Wanda Maximoff revolving all the reality in front of my face to something that makes complete sense. The cameos are side characters from other movies!

Marley Shelton represents SCREAM 4, Heather Matarazzo stands for SCREAM 3, but who else could be haunting us for SCREAM and SCREAM 2?

I’m sure we’re in for a surprise on January 14th of 2022, but check out the suspects on the “Carrie Mathison” investigation board I assembled for you on the top of this article.

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