Kirby Reed: Dead or alive?

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Even before Scream 4 was released, Hayden Panettiere´s Kirby Reed was a beloved Scream character. Her lines though the leaked  sides remembered us so much of Randy (Jamie Kennedy) that most of us considered she was a female version of him.

Inspite the fact that Kirby seemed to have met her maker, lots of theories float on movie boards. Last time we´ve saw her. she was agonizing on the floor after being stabbed, but we´ve never seen her cold body, and that gives wings to the creativity of the fans.

This leaked video from the upcoming Scream 4 DVD features an audio commentary were Wes Craven and Panettiere discuss Kirby´s fate, teasing us with the possibility of seeing the cool movie geek again. Hopefully, not on a post mortem videotape…

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