If you’ve lived trough the 90s, you can remember what a buzz it was when the casting of Scream 2 began. It was the hottest movie in town for a young actor such as Timothy Olyphant.

And it worked like a charm for his career. Mickey, the freaky Tarantino film student, was only the beginning to lots of great performances as in Go, Broken Hearts Club, Live Free or Die Hard and the hit TV series Justified – which is wrapping now, after six seasons.

Variety did a little interview with Timothy and got him talking about his breakthrough role…

I auditioned — multiple times. Why wouldn’t I want to be in Scream? I wanted to be in the first one.

What was the mood like on set?

It was quite a buzz being on a set like that. One could make a good argument that Wes [Craven] was one of the best directors I’ve ever worked for. Not a bad way to get started early.

What would you do differently if you could go back to that time?

That’s a long list. I stepped in it many times back then. I was just a fool. There were plenty of apologies at that stage of my career, I’m sure.

You’ve had some memorable roles. Which have been your favorites?

That Scream role was quite a gift. I had virtually nothing on my resume at that point. I’m sure some of it was made up. That was a leap of faith they all took. I’m very appreciative of them being willing to take that risk.

Remember all about Scream 2 in this gallery!

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