It looks like we have a Gale Weathers on Twitterverse.

In the investigative spirit of our beloved reporter, Cris Parker – who also uncovered a few scoops/rumors, some yet to be confirmed  – managed to get in touch with an actor who auditioned for the new chapter of the Scream franchise.

And he came back with, what supposed to be the characters descriptions for Scream 5.


Sara is 24 years old and described as smart and caring. She left her hometown when she turned eighteen. However, a troubled past forces her to rely on medication or else she doesn’t feel sane. Our source describes her as a former “teenage bad girl” who now works at Costco and is in a steady relationship with a man.


Teresa is 18-years-old and Sara’s younger sister. Having been estranged from her sister for several years, she’s heartbroken over Sara leaving her to contend with their bad home life.


Ryan is Sara’s 25-year-old boyfriend. He’s sweet and kind. He also works at Costco. He cares deeply for Sara and is “sensitive to her feelings”


Layla is an 18-year-old artsy girl with pink hair and is Cal’s girlfriend – as well as one of Teresa’s closest friends.


Maude is a Hispanic 18-year old who is confident and outspoken. She’s Cal’s twin sister and is described as “having no filter”. An example is that she thinks Layla dyed her hair pink because Layla is a boring person and is attempting to not be boring. Apparently, Maude lets her know this. Ouch – maybe she just likes pink hair?


Annie is an 18-year-old who is “tough with a sarcastic edge”. She’s “Teresa’s girlfriend of one year”. She’s very protective of Teresa and very much dislikes Sara.


Will is seventeen-years-old. He’s book smart and is one of Teresa’s good friends. He does not want to get in trouble because he is a good kid.


Cal is Maude’s twin brother. He’s 18, Hispanic and athletic. He’s Layla’s boyfriend and “wants to take the relationship to the next level”. Knowing teenagers, we can guess what he means. He’s confident and hopes things go his way.

It didn’t took long for several fan theories to start trending online – Monday night #scream5 was one of the top tweets.

The plot indicates a new Sidney Prescott on the story center, and some people started thinking on Neve Campbell going Laurie Strode’s Halloween Ressurrection.

And that Sara could be someone familiar… Lets say she is a movie buff who wears cool blazers.

But, so far, most of it is just fun speculation. Tell us on the comments, what and who would you like to see in the new movie?

– Art by the great Enzo Sciotti.

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