It is officially rumour season on Scream 5.

Some guys over Twitter (Cris Parker & CriticalOverlord) have made some digging and discovered a production sheet that unveiled a possible confirmation that, along with David Arquette, Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox are back in for… PARKSIDE ALPHA.

The working title took the Sherlocks to Vimeo, where those who have a premium account can watch casting tapes that revealed a few character names: Annie, Teresa and Ryan.

According to the leaked document, it indicates that pre production is full throttle since May.

And there is more… Apparently, they’ve discovered the first member of the new generation of Stab fans, the actress Jocelyn Hudon – that auditioned for the role of Teresa.

It all seems legit, coming from who have been covering Scream news over the years. But nothing is confirmed till it is safely confirmed on Variety or The Hollywood Reporter. 🤣

So, stay tuned.

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