Scream 4, which has a higher body count than any of the earlier flicks, is the scariest – and most gruesome – installment since the first – promises the new issue of Entertainment Weekly. Some subscribers already received their copies and some images are starting to pop up on the net. And, lemme say that it is great – to look and to read. But as we want you to get yours, we´ll just give you a tease…

In one draft, Sidney was attacked in the film opening sequence, but Weinstein balked at it. In another, Dewey and Gale had a baby, but they decided that would be awkward to work an infant into the crime scenes.

Despite all the hiccups, almost everyone on the Scream team seems eager to return for a fifth film, if their characters survive Scream 4 (none of the cast members are allowed to admit if they´re signed up for further movies).

Source: Scream_Panico

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