Our two queens!

The Queen on the covers again! Health magazine interviewed Neve Campbell on various aspects of her life. One of the questions was about her relationship with Courteney Cox. Neve looks hotter than ever!

Thanks to Wide Pictures (Scream 4 Spanish distributor) for the scans.

Your co-star Courteney Cox has said she fell in love with you filming Scream 4. 

We fell in love with each other! (Laughs) She´s one of the coolest women I´ve ever meet.

Updated: According to Showbizspy  this is what Courteney said about Neve few months ago on Entertainment Tonight.

I worked with her in the first three Scream movies and I liked her then but I really wasn´t close to her. We were nice each other and we socialized a little bit, but for some reason Scream 4 -that´s when we clicked. I was like, "Oh my God I can´t believe I missed out on all these great years with you". She is a really cool, soulful person and I´m so glad I go to know her during this one.

Twelve years ago there were a few false rumors about a bad relationship between Courteney and Neve. We are glad to know that our two scream queens have taken advantage of this new opportunity.

Source: Wide Pictures, Showbizspy

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