Stab Preview!

Sidney Prescott´s facebook has a new update!! There´s a fictional press clipping in which you can read a preview from STAB. It says that the film tells the story from the real murders that took place in Woodsboro. Tori Spelling will play the main role in the film, Sidney Prescott, and the script is based on the novel The Woodsboro Murders, written by Gale Weathers, who was there when all happened.

"Filmed mostly in Santa Rosa, California, the film tells the story of the town Woodsboro, California being terrorized by a masked killer who enjoys tormenting his victims with phone calls and movie references. The killer´s main target is Sidney Prescott (Tori Spelling), a teenage girl whose mother, Maureen, fell victim to a brutal murder one year earlier. The film takes the form of a "whodunit" mistery, with many of her friends and townspeople being fellow targets and suspects.

The film is based on Gale Weathers´ Best-Selling book, The Woodsboro Murders…"

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