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Released near the end of 2011, Scott Kessinger'sbook Scream Deconstructed: An Unauthorized analysis enlarged the media collection around the Scream cult. With Scream 4 coming out to home entertainment, the release of the first trilogy in Blu-Ray and two major documentaries reviewing the story of the movie that changed the metalanguage of horror (and maybe of the entire cinema back in the 90s), it was the perfect time for a film analysis book.


This kind of literature is delicious to fans in general that like intelligent discussions about their favorite movies, TV shows and games. You may wonder if it would be better to head out to the next message board to talk with other fans for this kind of thing, instead of sit down for a lecture… But, let me inform you: Kessinger´s approach to the themes of Scream is very, very unprecedented. 


For instance, it takes on the battles of the sexes to explain the philosophy and the architecture of the quadrilogy, going through intelligent topics, always proposing thoughts while still allowing the reader the delicious "job" of coming to his or her own final conclusion. It is very unusual for an author to accomplish that mission.


Scream Deconstructed makes you think profoundly and profusely about something you may believe you know so well. I was mesmerized myself several times during the reading, saying out loud "how on earth have I never realized that?" 


This book is a mind-blowing lecture that goes very deep into the philosophy encapsulated in the movies. It is a must-have for fans of the franchise.

Scream Deconstructed: An Unauthorized Analysis by Scott Kessinger, 160 pages, Stinger Books.

– Available in print ($9.99 USD) and digital marketplaces for Kindle and Nook ($3.99 USD).

– Official site:

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