R.J. Torbert – 14th Anniversary Special

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by R.J. Torbert – Director-Licensing/Product Development of Fun World

WOW! 14 years! Most people would say “Who would have thought it would create history like this during the genesis of this adventure, however there are times that all of us have that “feeling”. When I worked with Miramax during the initial meetings, along side of Stanley and Alan Geller 16 years ago , I just knew something very special was going to happen. It was the reason I pushed so hard for the “baptism” of Ghost Face. When you combine people like Wes Craven with the terrific actors and crew with the most ICONIC Mask in History, it makes me very proud to have been a “part” of this fascinating story.

Its because of this great run, that I am also proud to announce for the first time, that a “NEW” Trademark is in the process of being registered to be associated with GHOST FACE. I felt it was time and I’m sure all of the fans will agree with me when I release it on behalf of FUN WORLD in the upcoming weeks that it is deserving of Ghost Face. Congratulation to all involved, but most of all Thanks to you fans, –whose interest and perseverance in your loyalty and interest toward the SCREAM Franchise and Ghost Face is a major part of bringing back the 4th installment of this great “RIDE” we know as SCREAM——–it is that interest that makes me blessed to have one of the most interesting and exciting jobs in the world. We will continue to strive not to let you down.

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