Ashley Rose – 14th Anniversary Special

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by Ashley Rose – Webmistress of The Drewseum

I am probably different from most Scream fans in that I can’t handle horror movies. I don’t like them & don’t watch them, and I had no plans to see Scream when it was released. I remember being terrified enough by the tiny glimpses of Ghostface in the tv commercials. I even let a friend tell me every single thing that happened in the movie when she couldn’t sleep out of fear at a sleepover.

When the movie was re-released in theaters in April 1997, for some reason I finally decided to give in and go see it. I’ll never forget how my legs were literally shaking during the opening scene and how I was SO sure Casey would get away, even though the movie had been spoiled for me, even after she was first stabbed!

I wasn’t immediately a fan, but it built up over time. I met David Arquette & Matthew Lillard at a convention the following summer and dressed up as Casey for Halloween that year. It was also around that time that I became a huge Drew Barrymore fan.

The actors’ performances, the cinematography, the settings, the comedy, the dialog, the scares, the score … the more I watched the movie, the more I appreciated new things about it, and the more obsessed I became! That holds true to this day – somehow this non-horror-movie-watcher now calls Scream her all time favorite movie!

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