Tim Wagstaff – 14th Anniversary Special

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by Tim Wagstaff – Webmaster of Ghostface.co.uk

Well, 14 years back a hell of a film was released to us and nobody would have expected it to revive a genre which at the time was hardly existing, but at first (as stated in the Behind the Scream Documentary) “Scream” was expected to be “D.O.A” by “Variety”, it was slow starting but steadily this new modern thriller from Wes Craven and Unknown writer at the time Kevin Williamson started to peak as time went on, thus eventually making its 173 million worldwide at the box office.

When the first film came out i didn’t get to see the trailer and never saw it at the cinema, which may surprise some especially as further down the road i would go online with a site,i remember a load of my friends seeing it and one said “If the phone rings after you have watched it,don’t answer it!”

On my first viewing i was surprised at how it was turning out and i had suspicions on Billy being bad,then he got supposedly killed and i thought well maybe i was wrong, but the mask also had an impact on me but at first i didn’t remember seeing it much in the UK for sale,unless i was in the wrong places… My only downfall was that i hadn’t seen many of the past horror films that were mentioned in Scream, so i had this as sort of my first fully watched real horror one,and after seeing many of the older films now i realise how this film poked fun at the rules and situations that the cast would be in. Scream was very cleverly done and i think still to this day there aren’t many films that have its “Magic” it has,whether remakes,or new films in the same genre.

What makes it good is the entire cast and crew of all the trilogy,when you have the same people on a movie they all know themselves from making the first film returning for 2 more films i think it has its “genuine Scream feel” making each chapter enjoyable. But SCREAM was mainly in my opinion a new start in the genre that it very much needed and it was made perfectly in many details,like the story,the violence,the mystery,the mask,the voice,and having a whole bunch of people making this come together like bread and butter!

SCREAM is always delivered to new viewers with a high impact making more and more fans all the time,and for that reason it will always have a special place with myself.. the fact that a fourth is coming and possibly in the future a fifth and sixth confirms to me that the “Scream Magic” can be made again with the right elements as used before. The one clever thing about SCREAM movies is that unlike other horror movies the villain can always change therefore not making human beings seemingly immortal. Anyone can be under that brilliant costume and mask!

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