Despite being indestructible in HEROES and pretty tough in the upcoming SCREAM 4, in real life Hayden Panettiere isn’t so brave. The actress was an easy target of scares to director Wes Craven, assistant prop master Skip Crank and the stunt double Dane Farwell during the filming.

They liked to occasionally make us scream. We’d be sitting there and Ghost Face wasn’t supposed to be in the closet, but then it jumps out at you. One of the prop guys did it and then disappeared that night. He came back later and was like, “I’m so sorry, I couldn’t face you. You were so scared.” So apparently I was genuinely scared half to death”, she tells Seventeen Magazine.

It is common knowledge that Craven likes to do lots of practical jokes in his set, but he never plays with his most well kept secret: Roger Jackson, aka The Voice.

He was actually on set. He was there, but they kept him hidden, and Wes [Craven] didn’t want anyone to see him, to be able to put a face to the voice because he wanted that unknown element”.

During the interview, Panettiere also revealed her favorite scary movie (The Exorcism of Emily Rose) and also shared a real life frightening situation:

Somebody tried to break into my house once and that was an absolutely terrifying experience. I was at home by myself and there was a power outage only at my house. All of a sudden the power came back on and 10 minutes later I heard this rattling—like somebody trying to unlock the door. So I just went into flight mode and I grabbed this little taser I had on my bed and ran into the bathroom because it had a window. I was sitting there, scared, and I was like, “Forget this! I’m not waiting for somebody to come barging in the bathroom,” so I shimmied out the window. The cops were outside with their guns pointed by the time I ran out, which was terrifying because I was running around the corner with a taser in my hand saying: Don’t shoot me, please!”

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