Return to Michigan?


It’s not official, but thanks to Tim Wagstaff (Ghostfacecouk) we know there is the possibility of re-shoot some SCREAM 4 scenes.

Remember that it’s not confirmed, but, in January 2000, Wes Craven filmed again the end of SCREAM 3.

According to OnLocationVacation:

“One of our readers, Amy, received a filming notice in Northville, MI (on Clement St. between 7 mile and Frederick) for Jan. 31 & Feb. 2 that simply listed a motion picture entitled Z.

Anyone who was following the SCREAM 4 shoot last summer will remember much of the film was shot in Northville under the production name Z. So, it sounds to us like SCREAM 4 may be returning to Northville to shoot another scene.

If anyone has anymore information or can confirm the shoot is for SCREAM 4, let us know at! [Thanks to Amy for the tip]”

According to NothvillePatch:

“On Jan. 31 and Feb. 1 parts of the film will be re-shot on Clement Street in the township, said Michelle Nabozny, executive secretary to Northville City Manager Patrick Sullivan.

“It’s the same set-up as before,” Nabozny said, “with the Northville Square parking lot as (the) base camp.”

Last summer, SCREAM 4 was filmed throughout Northville with stars Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette spotted around town.

The crew will be shooting 14 hours each day during their Northville stay. The filming is expected to be done primarily indoors. It is unclear whether any of the stars will actually be here.

“It could just be lighting and special effects,” she said. “They’re coming back to do some additional suspense and terror for opening sequence.”

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