The silence is broken

Absent during the whole filming of Scream 4, the writer Kevin Williamson passively aggressively shown discontentment about the project for many months. The reasons, to do so, are still not clear. The most common theory is because of the the necessary rewrites in the production.

Things start to change – even if vacant, Williamson was generous enough to give us a complete line about the movie while in an interview to Collider. Finally!

With Scream 4 coming out on April 15th, what do you think this generation’s relationship to horror movies is? I don’t know. We haven’t had a lot of straight-ahead slasher flicks in this generation. We’re not really doing the teenager horror film right now, so maybe it’s time. I don’t see a lot of them coming out, and the ones that have come out haven’t been that successful.

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