Silence speaks louder

The most attentive were upset this saturday. For some time we wanted a statement from Kevin Williamson about his status quo in "Scream 4".

For those who do not remember, or know, the film required some rewrites – which Williamson was unable to do so, due to his commitments to "The Vampire Diaries." In a bad taste decision, which BTW even today we are trying to understand, they called Ehren Kruger (the infamous writer of  "Scream 3") to fill the vacancy.

Since then, Kevin Williamson stopped talking about the movie or shown support. Indirectly, Perez Hilton, spoke for his friend and that was the closest thing that we´ve got. Although Wes Craven always emphasized in interviews that the screenplay is by the author of "Dawson's Creek," the most passionate fans remained in limbo.

Silence speaks, and today, once again, Williamson passively let the fans with eyes wide open. Until then, his bio on twitter used to say something like "writer / producer of The Vampire Diaries and screenwriter of Scream 4." Now it just reads "Writer / Producer Vampire Diaries and stuff."

In a recent interview with the SFE, one of the members close to the production team said: "From what I have seen there are things in this movie that definitely make reference to the others. But this film is going to get the other two sequels put to rest". This means that using an artifice similar to "Halloween H20", "Scream 4" was a fresh start to Kevin, a chance to make it right.

We know that the core of the script is still his, but his support was essential too. This would ensure a return to "Scream 5 and “Scream 6" but I guess that we´ll have to wait until the end of production to hear the official story…

Update 29.09Scream Anthology noticed that @KevWilliamson has erased every little trace of "Scream 4" of his twitter account. Really sad news… And a bad sign.

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