SCREAM 5: Brian Tyler on connecting the SCREAMs


Brian Tyler has big shoes to fill. He knows it and he’s up for the challenge.

Very early on the production of SCREAM 5, the celebrated and prolific music composer was rumoured to helm the highly anticipated sequel. This took some fans to a lot of discussion, since Marco Beltrami‘s score is a strong part of the franchise identity.

During the promotion of Escape Room: Tournament of Champions, that features his latest composition, Tyler was interviewed by Rue Morgue and told about the connection of past and present.

You’ve worked on so many incredible films that span all genres, but I have to say, I love it when you get to play in the horror sphere. And, you have one film, in particular, coming up that I just have to ask you about— Scream (2022). Outside of Marco Beltrami, you’re now the only other composer who has ventured into Ghost Face’s world. What was it like walking the streets of Woodsboro and working on a project with such an iconic and previously established sound?

You know, it’s great! I love those movies and I love those scores. And, there’s this time gap between SCREAM and the previous SCREAM movies, but it definitely connects. Both as films and musically. There’s this kind of connection too that we bring into the “now” with these new directors that have come on board that also directed Ready or Not. That’s of course how I know them and the producers. I’ve worked with the producer William Sherak before and we go all the way back with films like Four Dogs Playing Poker, Darkness Falls and so many things in the early 2000s. I’ve done so many films with William. And then James Vanderbilt is a writer and producer and you know, I scored his film Truth with Cate Blanchett and Robert Redford. He also wrote Darkness Falls, actually! So this was kind of like getting many, many people that I’ve worked with many, many, many times all together. Between the directors and the producers, it’s something like 20 films we’ve done together if you combined it all.

And, getting into that Scream world…I mean, I loved the series before and still do to this day. I also love where this takes it. Also, stepping into a role where it’s a series or something, I’m very used to doing that. I took over the Final Destination series after Shirley Walker passed away. When Jerry Goldsmith passed away, I took over the Rambo series. And then, of course, I’d take over Avengers: Age of Ultron from Alan Silvestri and then the Iron Man series. I’ve done it quite a lot and I always want to honor the past and what came before. I also want to create something that is very unique and ultimately, is the exact right tone for the particular film that I’m working on.

Are you also excited to hear what SCREAM reserves for us on January 14th 2022?

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