SCREAM 5: Filming locations in Wilmington

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A new era for the SCREAM franchise is set to begin next week in Wilmington, NC.

According to the permits released by the city, the feature film PARKSIDE (working title for this new chapter of SCREAM) will have the first interior scenes shoot on September 22 to September 25.

It was disclosed that the location is a house on Country Club Road – what took a lot of fans to (web)scouting and speculation.

It brings a lot of memories of the exciting late night shoots of SCREAM 4, that covered from the beginning to the red carpet.

  • We’ll be happy to receive collaborations and scoops from fans that happen to be around!
  • But, remember to respect the boundaries imposed by the crew and the fact that we are living a pandemic.
  • Safety first – for you, the professionals and also the fans. Wear the mask! Not the Ghost Face one…
  • As it happened to SCREAM 4, this website won’t be publishing any spoiler of SCREAM 5.

We’ll like to wish the cast, the creative team and the crew a really good time and, as they say on stage… break a leg!



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