Last Thursday (07/07) the creators of SCREAM 5 announced its completion with a preview of the title card sequence taken at the offices of Formosa Group, in Los Angeles. And, like any single comma surrounding this super secret project, it made fans to trip fast forward in time to January 14th, 2022.

Today, Greg P. Russell, the sound mixer, amped the conversation again by releasing frames of the movie on photos taken during the post production of audio.

The main one was a chilling bluish image of Ghost Face in full glory, confirming once again the use of the EU stamps masks. There wasn’t a single fan not raising their magnifying glasses in search of more clues in that image and the other ones on the back.

The scan detected a pristine attention to the details: they are even using the same text font of end credits from the entire saga (and from the opening of the first movie), the FF Confidential Std.

Some fans also believed to have cracked the length of the movie, but as our friends of Scream-Thrillogy¬†reminded: “time stamp in an edit is usually the time of day the footage was either shot or edited. Not always indicative of running time”.

There was also a partial image showing a female neck with brunette hair Рthat could be any of the female actresses, with the exception of Sonia Ben Ammar (pink streaked hair), Jasmin Savoy (curly hair) and Marley Shelton (blonde).

Russell, who was nominated 17 times on the Academy Awards for sound mixing, celebrated the  completion of SCREAM along with Karen Baker Landers (the first woman to ever win two Academy Awards for Sound Editing), Karen, Peter Staubli and Chris Smith.

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