Drew Barrymore celebrates SCREAM

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SCREAM fans all over the world celebrated the previous weeks like it was Halloween already. There was so much going on, that a retrospective is needed. But, it all led to one event: CBS MOVIE NITE featuring SCREAM and presented by Drew Barrymore!

Tonight, October 25th, 9/8c, the network brings the 1996 cult classic. Several cast members of the whole franchise will be making appearances during the movie.

This amazing celebration was hinted last month (Sept. 30) when THE DREW BARRYMORE SHOW pulled SCREAM themed sketches.

Then, Drew received a cute message from Neve Campbell on October 13th.

But what really drove fans insane was her homage characterization of Casey Becker on October 22 and subsequent video bringing back fan favorites. Those who met their maker by the hands of Ghost Face.

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