We don´t even know where to start… Last night was an hell of a night in both senses of the expression. For those who attended the Scream 4 test screening in Pennsylvania, it appeared to be an amazing end of eleven years of absence. Some who supposedly attended, got out of the theater saying the movie is great. We´re waiting for a more detailed reviews, since the ones that got out could be written by anyone who have seen the trailer.

For those who still wait, nothing have been spoiled… Except their weight. Afterall, food can be a comfort during angst time. Well, lets stop venting and go right to the point. MAJOR updates on Ghost Face ® and Scream 4 merchandise products – thanks to our friends: SFE and Ghostface.co.UK.

The day began with John Valeri interviewing Fun World´s R.J. Torbert. Exceptional interview. The tidbits:

  • A new trademark: GhostFace® is without a doubt “The Icon of Halloween” ™.
  • R.J. Torbert is in constant communication with Wes Craven and TWC: Can you imagine the talks? And what might come out of it? In his twitter he send a lot of cryptic messages about several developments. Stay tuned!
  • New products: Ghost Face anagram foil balloons, Wes Craven added to the Love Truth or Dare and Conversation Cards games and finally revealed – the official GF tie! That should be the prom hit of the year, but only a few I´ll get it. Want to know how and more? Read the whole interview and follow Torbert on twitter.
  • The contest for the GF mask signed by Wes Craven: The lucky winners were HMP Production TVNorwegianScream. The runner up was Serialmatrix,who won a GF tie. Congrats!

Our friend BananaDoc, who we´re missing a lot, made a cool photo report on the houses used for location in Scream 4.

Later, today, Tim Wagstaff discovered a pre-sale of the GF action figure. But not only that, now we´ve a glympse of the GF Zombie too… 

And in closing, the Brazilian distributor of Scream 4, Imagem Filmes, started the promotion of Pânico 4 in the country.

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