Rules to survive… Unspoiled


We are concerned with your fun safety. After the press screening tonight, is possible – or should I say that is pretty likely – that some spoilers will hit the web. So, here it is, a little manual to keep you safe till April 15.

  1. Don´t open the door – Message boards, specially the IMDB one, are places you should cease contact with. Other way to get damaged by spoilers is to navigate by #SCREAM4 hashtags on Twitter. You can control yourself… Take an glass of water, walk a little, watch movie… Replace your habits.  One of the reasons why the first Scream is so amazing was because of the surprises and its freshness.
  2. Don´t try to hide – That doesn´t mean you have to completely disconnect. If some sacrifices have to be made, we´re ready for it. will keep bringing you all the news, spoiler free, as we´ve promised you. We don´t call spoiler by other name. Even if they seem to be harmless. If there is blood and deep mortal wounds – and the photo isn´t official – it is a spoiler, for gods sake! By the way, we would like to invite you to check out other Scream websites – if you don´t know them by now – that are truly great, and spoiler free as well:, SFE and Scream Anthology.
  3. And don´t ever scream – If you have been part of one of those press screenings that are happening around the USA, it would be a sign of good will not to tell about major happenings in the movie. Reviews are welcome, specially if they´re good.
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