Rules to survive… Unspoiled


We are concerned with your fun safety. After the press screening tonight, is possible – or should I say that is pretty likely – that some spoilers will hit the web. So, here it is, a little manual to keep you safe till April 15.

  1. Don´t open the door – Message boards, specially the IMDB one, are places you should cease contact with. Other way to get damaged by spoilers is to navigate by #SCREAM4 hashtags on Twitter. You can control yourself… Take an glass of water, walk a little, watch movie… Replace your habits.  One of the reasons why the first Scream is so amazing was because of the surprises and its freshness.
  2. Don´t try to hide – That doesn’t mean you have to completely disconnect. If some sacrifices have to be made, we’re ready for it. will keep bringing you all the news, spoiler free, as we’ve promised you. We don’t call spoiler by other name. Even if they seem to be harmless. If there is blood and deep mortal wounds – and the photo isn’t official – it is a spoiler, for gods sake! By the way, we would like to invite you to check out other Scream websites – if you don’t know them by now – that are truly great, and spoiler free as well: and SFE.
  3. And don´t ever scream – If you have been part of one of those press screenings that are happening around the USA, it would be a sign of good will not to tell about major happenings in the movie. Reviews are welcome, specially if they’re good.
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