The second round of press interviews for Scream 4 was yesterday. I believe that this was the websites turn to ask some questions to Craven and cast – this way, the interviews that are popping up are much more profound on issues that us, fans, would like to know. For example, the script controversy is at the top of the list.

"I kind of feel like those questions are kind of fishing for turmoil," Craven told BD Horror News."I frankly – and I say this in absolute honesty – have never heard Kevin (Williamson) say [he was upset]. So whether he said something to somebody else in an interview I don't know… (…) A large part of the reason that he eventually had to leave the production was that his Vampire Diaries show was starting back up, and the… network literally threatened to sue him if he didn't turn his full attention back to that. But at that time, we had all of the script that was really, really important, and it was a matter of massaging things based on the actual locations we were able to find and things like that. So Ehren Kruger came in and did a lot of very interesting work, but it's very much about Kevin Williamson's script… stuff [added during rewrites] related to… the action and certain other things that [were] changed because of locations and things like that. So you know, it's Kevin. It's Kevin's writing and his imagination that is on display there. And I'm sure… actually I'm speculating, but it must have been painful for Kevin not to be able to stay with the film".

"The script was never bound to a lean and mean page count. It was always high," Crave said to Shock Till You Drop. "We shot a script that was a 138 pages or something like that, so we had a lot of scenes that had to go on the cutting room floor. Some were kind of redundant. Sometimes we were pointing too much at a character as a red herring. There are seven or eight scenes that will be on the DVD. All the really good stuff was in the final film."

Other basic question was about the new trilogy, but this was covered this morning, till someone came up with a question about adding 3D to the next chapter. That´s what he answered: "No! Bob Weinstein, from the get-go, said that Scream would not be in 3D. My Soul to Take was shot in 2D, and was never intended to be in 3D. Right after we finished shooting it, the studio was bought. Suddenly, we were dealing with a new group of people. Very late in the process, around the time we were beginning work on Scream 4, the new studio decided that they wanted My Soul to Take in 3D. Or else we would not be distributed very much at all. It was a hard choice, but we went with it. I shot the film to be in 2D. If I go back and watch My Soul to Take, it will be in 2D and not 3D. Bob Weinstein, who is the godfather of the Scream series, said that this will never be in 3D. It doesn't need it. It's a gimmick. We will just make it in 2D Anamorphic, as we always have".

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