Shine your light now!

Greetings, fellow SCREAMers!

The currently-in-production documentary Scream: The Inside Story is looking for specific materials…and you, the fans, can help!

What they're wanting are unique pictures that are taken by or OWNED by you, the fans.  BUT…the pictures HAVE TO HAVE EITHER BEEN TAKEN BY OR OWNED BY THE PERSON SUBMITTING THEM.  They have to be photos from their PERSONAL collection that were taken with or of the celebrities in real life, at conventions, at signings, at movie premieres, etc.  The Production team CANNOT use pictures from press kits, screen grabs, or studio owned photos.

They're looking for pictures of:

 – Kevin Williamson
 – Wes Craven
 – Drew Barrymore
 – Neve Campbell
 – Skeet Ulrich
 – Courteney Cox
 – David Arquette
 – Jamie Kennedy
 – Rose McGowan
 – Matthew Lillard

– Casey's house filming location
 – Sidney's house filming location
– Stu Macher's house filming location
 – Tatum's house filming location
 – The Pollyanna house (across street from Tatum's house) filming location
 – The Shadow of a Doubt filming location
 – Bradley Video

Info on whereabouts of these locations can be found at the following sites:

 If people have photos (or even video!) that meet these guidelines and those materials are used in the documentary, 1428 FIlms will provide the photo owner with a credit in the film!
All you have to do is submit your photo along with the filled-out "SCREAM Photo Video Submission Release Agreement" form, and if it gets used, you'll be seeing your name "in lights"!*
Deadline for submission is February 2nd.  So, what are you waiting for?  Submit now!
*Disclaimer: Submission of materials does not guarantee that materials will be used in Scream: The Inside Story.

Download SCREAM Photo Video Submission Release Agreement

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