I assume that Bob is looking for a writer. I think Kevin's television schedule has kept him from being able to be a writer all the way through [Scream 4], which is what I think Bob is looking for. I'm sure he is looking for someone. – Wes Craven, September 28, 2011.

After lots of speculation, Wes Craven finally broke the silence about one of the greatest tabus of the franchise – even if a little contradictory with yesterday´s interview to MovieWeb. If Scream 5 becomes a reality, the name under "screenwriter" probably won´t be "Kevin Williamson".

As we´ve reported recently, Williamson just jumped in on another TV project – that along with The Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle – pretty much make it impossible for him to sign on to another production for a while.

As a Kevin Williamson fan, it is sad and a little scary to watch your favorite movie series – that is well known and so successful for his particular writing style – walking to the hands of another writer.

But, looking for the bright side (trying to)…

If the possible new writer is talented enough to discover how to capture the Scream essence – reading exactly what the fans and the audience wants this could mean an interesting new start.

Let the games begin…

Source: BD Horror News

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